Open Source: Opening the World's Resources

May Open Source be with You

"Open StarTer Village" allows you to deeply experience "Open Source" projects.

Have you used the "Bus Tracker Taipei" or perhaps the "Mask Map"? These projects were initiated by the community, rallying partners from different fields like programming, marketing, cultural workers, and more, all contributing their expertise to construct open-source projects.

The Open Culture Foundation devotes its efforts to promoting and facilitating the development of Taiwan's open-source community, allowing talents from all sides to simultaneously drive social progress, enrich their own skills, and achieve success through the execution of diverse projects.

By opening resources around the world, more and more people are able to head toward the collective good. Drawing on the power of the crowd, we are also creating a better future.

May open source be with you!

Using the Board Game

For all players out there

Simple and easy-to-follow board game rules, paired with beautifully crafted quick-start tutorial slides, make it easy for any newbie or seasoned board game enthusiast to enjoy.

For Educators

Incorporate this board game into your lesson plans and introduce students to the concept of open source.

OCF offers a free board game rental project, inviting educators to bring open-source concepts into the classroom. Through board games, students gain a deeper understanding of open source, collaboration, project management, resource sharing, and the importance of diverse skills.

Promote Social Awareness

Open-Source isn't a Computer Science specific skill! Any courses related to public policy, open government, or public issues can introduce open-source principles through Open StarTer Village, leading students to discuss how to promote social causes they care about and solve problems more effectively.

Enhance Civic Literacy

Guide students to explore the deeper meaning of civic literacy. Through the game scenarios in Open StarTer Village, students get to understand the value of collaboration, resource sharing, and diverse thinking. Students will cultivate essential civic literacy skills such as active concern for issues, coordination, critical thinking, and public awareness through board games.

Ready-to-Use Lesson Plans

Wondering how to create exciting classroom experiences with open-source themes? Check out our guidelines for open source Promoters and download the complete lesson plan package (simplified and advanced versions included). Let's make a creativity flow in your teaching

For High School/University Students

Want to embark on an adventure that is fun and meaningful? Open StarTer Village board game is your handy tool for both entertainment and purpose! Whether used as games for team-building events or icebreakers in any club or social gathering, it's versatile and adaptable. The game allows you to enjoy the fun of board games with ease while also addressing public issues and experiencing the joy of open-source collaboration!

For Advanced Players

Can't get enough projects? Advanced players, take note! Using our advanced custom rules, players can integrate their own projects into the game, making the board game more aligned with the ideas you want to promote!

Rent Me undefined image

Rent Me

Can't wait to unbox the board game? Send an email to OCF, and we will be more than happy to assist you in renting a copy of the board game for FREE.

Please read the rental rules (currently, only the Chinese version of the board game is available for rent within Taiwan).

    Play Online

    We are currently looking for allies and inviting like-minded friends to develop and turn the Open StarTer Village board game online! Whether you are a board game enthusiast or someone who wants to get involved with an open-source project, Join our discord for game development!

    Upcoming Events/Workshops

    OpenStarTerVillage Promotes Sharing Webinar

    Upcoming Events/Workshops image

    We are committed to helping people from various fields understand open-source culture, with the aim of increasing diverse contributors and establishing a robust open-source ecosystem.

    During this online workshop, we will discuss how OCF promotes open-source culture through the "Open StarTer Village" game and how we have formulated our promotion strategies. What are the advantages of this promotional approach, and what challenges have we encountered?

    We sincerely invite all advocates of open-source culture to join us and share their experiences in promoting open source.

    1. The event will take place on October 13th, from 8:00 PM to 9:30 PM (Taipei, Taiwan Time UTC+8).
    2. As we will be inviting partners from around the world to participate, the event will be conducted in English.
    3. To register for the event, please click here.


    Q:Sounds interesting. What are your licensing terms??

    o(^▽^)o We are delighted to see that you are interested! Here are our licensing terms: CC BY-NC 4.0 (Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0). In plain language, it means except for commercial purposes, you're free to use, adapt, and distribute all the information about the board game (including design and documents). Remember you must credit OCF when using.

    Q::Open source sounds great? Can we invite OCF to host a talk or a guest lecture??

    Certainly! Send us an email with a brief note (proposed dates, event purposes, etc.), and someone from our office will be more than happy to discuss the details with you!

    Let's Shape Our Future Together!

    Let's Shape  Our Future Together! image

    So now you have played the game but the world is just littered with the same old challenges and frustration? Want to make a difference? Well, welcome to join us and use open source to make the world a better place. Now, let's shape our future together!

    A memo to our next generation

    We know that open-source projects of different aspects are indispensable in promoting social progress.

    We know that we need to equip ourselves with many skills which schools don't teach us before entering the workforce.

    We know that you deserve a bigger stage and your professional skills need to be seen by more people.

    We know that openness is a must when the world limits your mind.

    We know that we have to think out of the box when universities are only vocational training centers.

    We know that you are definitely more than a labor in the future society.

    Taiwan's future needs your participation.

    This time, we will be there.