Project Introduction

The problem we desire to solve

You're not the only one bothered by numerous public concerns. These issues can range from small everyday inconveniences to critical work needs or even larger societal problems. Think about frequently missing buses, the slow disappearance of native languages, or the confusing candidate information during elections and so on. These are the things everyone wants to change, but often we're unsure where to start.
There's a way to put you on the shoulders of giants — Open Source.
Through open resources and technology, apply the achievements of predecessors, cooperate with partners, and make practical scientific and technological tools or services to fundamentally improve problems.
Unfortunately, when you hear "technology tools", everyone always has the impression that "you can write programs to participate

Our solution

This game popularize the great values of Open Source, Open Resources, and Collaborative Sharing!
Breaking the stereotype of the technology era that "only those who can write code can change the world"!
We aspire for this project to open up a dialogue between technology and society, enhance the diversity of contributors in the open source community, and address a broader range of issues with greater inclusivity.
Through the fun board game "Open StarTer Village," we hope to not only allow players to experience the process and joy of open source projects from initiation to fruition, but also to learn about real open source projects.
Players could discover that different expertise in language, marketing, law, etc. are all indispensable in using technology to change the world!

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Game Introduction

Players play as Open Source StarTer villager to learn what an open source "starter" is.
Initiate projects, assign specific roles to participate in projects, execute spontaneous projects or assist others, And with environmental effects such as event cards and star source trees, cooperate with other players to advance the project.
The player who gets the most influence points in the process of cooperating with each other wins! At the same time, cooperation between players will accelerate the change of the world, progress and degradation are up to you!
Experience the process of participating in open source projects, and experience the open source environment of initiating, participating, completing and enhancing society together,
The player who gets the most influence points in the process of cooperating with each other wins! Click me to read the full game rule book

  • Time
    60-90 mins
  • Players
    2-4 players
  • Type
    Strategy, Worker Placement

Game Features

The world faces new challenges

The world faces new challenges image

As real as your life!
Whether it is a shark biting off a submarine cable and directly disconnecting the network, the inexplicable spread of pneumonia makes people change their homes; Or the newly appointed officials support the opening of science and technology, and the real world will encounter large and small events that affect the development of technology and the popularization of open concepts. Hyper-realistic event card design that hits/inspires you on your open source life path every turn! Each turn players will face the events that are happening in the Open Source StarTer Village, which may bring new problems, new challenges, and may also bring players help on the road to open source!

Create an open source project

Create an open source project image

Solving problems is not just shouting!
From daily personal life to environmental conservation policy formulation, in the face of small challenges and problems, one person can not think of a solution, a group of people can always solve it! Through the open source project card design, from the real open source projects and the results of cooperation with everyone, we can see the diversity of scientific and technological tools!

Find like-minded partners

Find like-minded partners image

The same philosophy, but each has its own strengths!
If you want to do a good job, you must first find the right person! Opening any technological tool, software, or web page, it's not just about having code, right? When facing a problem, if there is something you don't understand, seek help from someone. The copy that engineers can't write, the bill that they don't understand, the pronunciation that they can't pronounce, the topic they don't understand, the art that they can't draw—all these issues can be solved through collaboration. Character cards with seven different skills, each playing to their strengths, perfectly meet the diverse needs of developing technology tools!

Game Uses and Purposes

Teaching materials

Whether it is a university, high school course, or a related club course, planning the Learning Scenario that includes a teaching briefing and board games to easily convey the concept of open source!

Organise community

You're already an open source veteran and active member of the community, and you want to absorb new blood without much effort? Just gather a group and invite new friends to join in the fun!


Give me a dozen cute characters!

How do open source projects change the world?

First Aid Kit: Social Issues Drive Project Begins

Project Card - Mask Map is one of the projects of the gov-zero (G0V) of Taiwan's open source community, in response to the Wuhan pneumonia epidemic in 2020, the Taiwan government adopted mask real-name system measures. In just a few days, community participants connected with real-time inventory data of pharmacies opened by various governments, mask distribution information and locations of medical institutions and supermarkets, etc., to create an application to view the stock of masks in various places in real time.

Social Issues Promoter: The project is carried out to promote the discussion of the issue

Project card - Scan and Buy is an application derived from the "Transparent Footprint" project, which promotes environmental data disclosure, tracks real-time monitoring data of pollution indicators such as corporate waste gas and wastewater, and records of illegal penalties. It is hoped that black-hearted enterprises will be identified, the government will be promoted to improve the legal system of environmental protection and the enterprise control system, and at the same time strengthen citizen participation and supervision, and check the consumption choice every time!

Urging progress leaders: Discussion of issues moves society forward

Project Card - Citizen Judges can not only open up to Congress and the executive branch, but also the courts can become government departments that allow citizens to participate! The Legislative Yuan passed the National Judges Law in 2020 and is expected to be officially launched in 2023. The collegial panel of the Act will be composed of six national judges and three professional judges, and eligible and randomly selected citizens may participate in the court discussion and judgment process. It is hoped that judicial justice will be implemented together in combination with the social expectations of the people and the professionalism of judges.