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Game Introduction

Embark on an interstellar journey and become an open-source rookie! Enter the enigmatic StarTer Village and experience the essence of the open-source spirit. Players can initiate projects collaboratively or solo them out by utilizing event cars, Open Source Tree, and other elements. By working collaboratively (and competitively), players who gain the most influence points in the processing of finishing projects win! Your decisions in collaborating or soloing will shape the StarTer Village's development, whether it progresses or declines - all in your hands! Immerse yourself in the process of participating in open-source projects, experiencing project initiation, involvement, and the power of open-source community cohesion. Explore the complete rule book of the game!

  • Time
    60-90 mins
  • Players
    2-4 players
  • Type
    Strategy, Worker Placement

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Why StarTer Village


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Perfect for university or high school courses, instructional presentations combined with tabletop games provide an easy introduction to open-source concepts, enhancing civic engagement!


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Already a seasoned open-source enthusiast and active community member? Want to effortlessly recruit newcomers to the open-source community? Gather a group and start to play today!

Team Building

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Wondering how to lead club activities? Utilize the StarTer Village board game to easily break the ice and brainstorm ideas. Get your juniors involved--perfect teambuilding experience!

Story behind the Scene

From missing buses and declining heritage languages to confusing pre-election candidate information, we live in a society with many issues that impact our daily lives. These concerns aren't just yours; they belong to us all. We all yearn for change and transparency, yet often feel powerless.

Open-source is the idea that solutions can be built on the shoulders of giants. Through collective efforts, we, as members of society, can contribute to finding solutions.

Open Source, through accessible resources and technological prowess, allows collaboration with partners, leveraging the achievements of predecessors to create practical tech tools and services, fundamentally improving problems.

"Tech tools" aren't exclusive to "coders." Through openness and cooperation, we aim to explore how individuals with diverse skills and a passion for solving societal issues can collaboratively create "tech tools"!

Open Culture Foundation (OCF) x Promoting Open Source

 Open Culture Foundation (OCF) x Promoting Open Source image

Open Culture Foundation is dedicated to promoting the ideas of open source and open resources, shattering the misconception that "changing the world requires coding skills." We aim to foster a dialogue between technology and society, promote diversity in the open-source community, and address a broader range of issues. Working with passionate volunteers and FNF Global Innovation Hub, the development of the tabletop game, "Open StarTer Village," is a result of our efforts in promoting open-source through different platforms.

One of the main concepts in the game is to experience project management: by utilizing real-world open-source projects, players experience project management from drafting a project, and recruiting talents, to seeing the fruition. While we are in a world where technology drives changes, it is not a coder-exclusive club. To push for changes, diverse talents such as content creators, marketing specialists, copyeditors and law are equally indispensable in the world of open-source.

This game is an adventure of change and a fusion of diverse expertise. We hope that through it, you'll grasp the essence of open-source projects and realize that all skill sets hold crucial value in the journey of reshaping the world.