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May open source be with you

Open Starter Village provides you with a comprehensive experience of open-source projects.

Have you ever used the app "Bus Tracker Taipei" or the "Mask Maps"? These two open projects were both initiated by citizens, gathering people of different professions, such as program designers, marketing managers, publicists, and culture workers, to contribute their expertise.

Open Culture Foundation (OCF) devotes its efforts to facilitating the development of Taiwan's open source community. In the process of implementing a variety of projects, talents from different industries can develop versatile skills and make great achievement while promoting social progress.

By opening resources around the world, more and more people are able to head toward the collective good. Drawing on the power of the crowd, we are also creating a better future.

May open source be with you!

Join the projects and participate in the change of Taiwan's future

A memo to our next generation

Let's participate in the change of our future!

We know that open-source projects of different aspects are indispensable in promoting social progress.
We know that we need to equip ourselves with many skills which schools don't teach us before entering the workforce.
We know that you deserve a bigger stage and your professional skills need to be seen by more people.
We know that openness is a must when the world limits your mind.
We know that we have to think out of the box when universities are only vocational training centers.
We know that you are definitely more than a labor in the future society.

Taiwan's future needs your participation.
This time, we can't be absent.

Participate in a variety of projects for an comprehensive experience

You might be a passionate, angry young man or a seasoned veteran in your industry, or you just want to explore possibilities in your life. Please join us at our board game workshops.
icon__cooperate_hands Tackling tasks together
icon__round_table_meeting Two board game workshops
icon__two_people_enlight Implementing mulitiple projects
icon__magnifying_glass_head Boosting your motivation


Workshop for educators, culture workers, and all walks of life

Board game demo
Time: Fri., Sep. 30, 2022 11:00–17:00 + Sat., Oct. 1, 2022 11:00–15:30 Location: Da Xiao Building at Chinese Culture University
Issue Workshop
Sun., Oct. 2, 2022 10:00–16:00 Location: Da Xin Building or Da Xia Building at Chinese Culture University

Teaching Aid

Open Starter Village includes a variety of projects from different industries, which can be an entertaining supplementary material for Taiwan's 2019 curriculum since the board game goes along with its focuses, such as "technology and media", "interpersonal relations and teamwork", and "diverse culture and international perspectives". It is the best teaching aid for Taiwan's 2019 curriculum.

Crossover Interactions

Humanity and technology doesn't have to be two extremes, they just need to interact with each other. In open-source projects, everyone needs to interact, collaborate and negotiate with their partners. Let's find out the key factors to connections and bridge different professions through this board game.


In Open Starter Village, players have to play different roles. You can be one of the marketing team members, a publicist or an R&D engineer. Brianstorming and collborating with different people can help us complete the projects and find a right place and a right direction during the process.

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Workshop for passionate young men

Issue Workshop
Time: Sat., Oct. 29, 2022 10:00–17:30 Location: University of Taipei


During the game, relationships between one another are built one after another. Through collaboration and competition, your connections with people can be gradually expanded. We can learn from each other's advantages and professional skills, which can turn into skills and experiences you will need in the future. So join us!

Crossover Collaboration

Nowadays, the working mode in the society has shifted from solo to collaboration. However, finding your subjectivity in a group is still important. We hope that players can find a piece of themselves in others through each game and find the best way to collaborate.

Sharpening your skills

Open Starter Village is a project-based board game. During the game, you will learn more about open-source projects and shapen your professional skills. After completing projects, not only can we get a sense of achievement, but we can also cultivate our ability to collaborate with each other. Let's become more powerful!

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Our Experienced Instructors

Claire Claire Civic engagement, owner of two cats, a social science major
Yawei Yawei Freedom, cat person, milk tea lover
皇甫 HuangFu Feminist, non-binary, supporter
Chewei Chewei (Instructor of workshop for teachers, 10/2) Course API, Sch001, volunteer of the jothon

Ted Ted (Instructor of workshop for students, 10/29) Junior high school student, TOEDU, medical image analysis
比鄰 Billion (Instructor of workshop for teachers, 10/2 & Instructor of workshop for students, 10/29) Disinformation, volunteer-oriented , academic portfolio
Ddio Ddio (Instructor of workshop for teachers, 10/2 & Instructor of workshop for students, 10/29) Part-time housewife, systematic investor of NGO, a proud tenant
Peii Peii (Instructor of workshop for teachers, 10/2 & Instructor of workshop for students, 10/29) NGO, archaeology enthusiast, camp lover